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Operation Theatre Light, also known as surgical lighting or operating lights, are mainly used in hospital operating rooms and ambulatory surgery centers, but can also be used in various locations throughout the facility to provide high quality lighting for procedures. Examples include emergency rooms, labor and delivery, examination rooms, and anywhere where procedures are completed. They are used by clinicians, surgeons and proceduralists. A Operation Theatre Light illuminates the operative site on a patient for optimal visualization during a procedure.Operation Theatre Light can provide hours of bright light without excessively heating the patient or staff. A variety of lights are available to meet the needs of providing optimal visualization during surgery and procedures. An examination light is used during medical exams, while operating room lights are used during surgical procedures.

1. The History Of The Operating Lamp
Before the invention of the electric light, the first operation was performed during the day. The illumination depends on the time of day and the cloud cover. By the end of the 19th century, light bulbs replaced direct sunlight, allowing people to perform operations freely throughout the day. By the 1960s, the use of halogen bulbs increased the amount of light available on the operating table to 100,000 lx, which is equivalent to the bright noon sun on a Mediterranean beach. Thirty years later, the discharge lamp almost doubled the available light to 200,000 lux. But this "more is better" method can cause eye fatigue and reduce the surgeon's work efficiency. Today, more and more Operation Theatre Light uses LEDs. These bulbs use less energy to produce clearer, cooler lighting, which gives surgeons the visibility they need to make effective diagnostic decisions.

2. Types Of Operation Theatre Light
There are various types of Operation Theatre Light, and each type plays specific roles in illumination before, during, and after a medical procedure. They can be categorized by lamp type or mounting configuration. Two lamp types are conventional (incandescent) and LED (light emitting diode).

Surgical lighting configurations may include ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or on a floor stand. Depending on the model, an Operation Theatre Light may also be used in all three configurations. A ceiling-mounted light can be mounted on a fixed point on the ceiling of a procedure room. Similarly, wall-mounted lights are mounted on a wall of the OR. The wall-mounted configuration is more often used with examination lights versus Operation Theatre Light. For greater mobility, floor-standing Operation Theatre Lights are standalone and typically on wheels enabling them to move from room to room. Mobile floor standing lights are often used in examinations. All three types play an important role in illuminating a surgical site during a procedure.

3. Requirements For Operation Theatre Light
Operation Theatre Light requirements vary depending on the type, brand, and model of the lighting system. The brightness of an Operation Theatre Light head is measured in Lux and typically does not exceed 160,000 Lux. The approximate dimensions are 400-700mm for a light head diameter and the approximate weight is 45kg. The weight can vary depending on the number of light heads attached to the system. The lifespan of an Operation Theatre Light is measured in its L70 value, which is how long the light will last until its brightness is 70% of its original value. Today's Operation Theatre Light typically lasts between 40,000 to 60,000 hours of use.

4. Where To Buy Operation Theatre Light
Because Operation Theatre Lighting is complex, sophisticated and often customized for an operating room or examination room, the purchase of this equipment can be a multi-step process. Ensuring a procedure room has the necessary type of Operation Theatre Light or exam light is the main factor in performing successful and safe procedures. Staff tasked with purchasing equipment for their facility may consider factors like brand, service support, long-term and short-term cost and environmental sustainability when deciding on which Operation Theatre Lighting systems to purchase. Typically, a sales representative or distributor helps to facilitate the buying process of operating room lights.

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