Bedside Cabinet
Our range of hospital bedside cabinet and overbed tables provide flexible bedside storage solutions. The range of bedside cabinet and tables provides excellent extensions and additions to hospital beds. The tables can be used both when the residents/patients are in bed or seated in a chair, and provide invaluable support for everyday activities, such as reading, eating and drinking.

Thoughtful, accessible storage is essential in today's healthcare space. That's why Aegean is proud to offer various types of hospital bedside cabinets for wards. To provide additional support for patients in the hospital, in addition to a variety of laminate and thermal foil finishes, these hospital bedside cabinets can be specified with casters and overflow collector edges.

Features of hospital bedside cabinet

1.The Bedside Cabinet has two large drawers easily accessible by the patient whilst in bed.
2.Optional perimeter rails help to provide extra stability for items on the top surface and also assist caregivers when positioning the cabinet and table.
3.The drawer lining of the Bedside Cabinet is smooth and built with water resistant plastic. Both drawers can be simply removed, without tools, for full access and ease of cleaning.
4.All Cabinet models are supplied with four easy to access twin casters, two of which have brakes.

The Hospital Bedside Cabinet is practical and flexible with a contemporary appearance. A choice of colour and accessory options make the Cabinet the ideal bedside storage solution.
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