PY-001 Smart Mattress
PY-001 Smart Mattress

PY-001 Smart Mattress

  • MOQ: 5 units
  • Supply Capability: 50 units / day
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Delivery: 15 days
  • Packaging: Plywood or package

♦ Product advantages
1. The parts in contact with users are ventilated and suitable for long-term wear. When wearing, keep it for 24 hours without taking it off, which will not cause harm to the user.
2. When wearing normally, you can lie on your side and turn over without being affected.
3. When defecating, you can remove the "eight" character on the outside of your ass, which is convenient for defecation and cleaner washing.
4. The standard mattress can cooperate with the nursing bed to turn left and right, lift back, lift legs and fall legs.
5. The toilet is matched with the mattress, and the user's whole body is lying on a plane( One model is that the bottom part of the ass is hard material. Lying flat is to raise the ass and cut the ass, which makes people uncomfortable. Another mode is to fix the person and the toilet on the mattress, which is not conducive to turning over and small range of activities)
6. True drying: independent drying system, a large number of warm air is blown through the water washed position to truly achieve the drying effect.

1. Manual Function
When the user is conscious, select the manual function and use the remote control to operate. It feels like going to the toilet
2. Automatic function
When the user is not conscious, use the automatic function to control the whole process intelligently and automatically!
(1) automatic induction, nursing work start:
When the user discharges urine, the sensor on the toilet automatically senses, and the instrument enters the working procedure from the standby state. At this time, the urinals and urinals on the toilet are in close contact with the user's skin, and the user's buttocks are separated in an "eight" shape, so as to facilitate the user's defecation and prepare for automatic flushing and automatic drying.
(2) automatic collection, washing and drying:
After the toilet is in close contact with the user's skin, the instrument immediately collects the discharged urine and urine into the sewage bucket; After urination and urination, clean warm water will be sprayed automatically to flush the user's private parts and the interior of the toilet; Warm air drying shall be carried out immediately after flushing.
(3) resume standby and nursing work is completed:
After the warm air drying is completed, the nursing work is completed, and the instrument enters the standby state.
When entering the standby mode, the urinal and urinal of the toilet are separated from the user's skin, and all parts of the toilet remain ventilated.
3. Product Characteristics
》Strong security
1. The national digital electronic product quality supervision and inspection center has tested qualified products.
2. Leakage protection device of main engine; Urine electrode 5V safety voltage; Water pump 24V safety voltage.
3. Clear water and air temperature heating are equipped with dual protection functions; The water heating is powered off 2 seconds before flushing.
4. The range of water temperature and air temperature equipment meet the temperature standards for skin protection in clinical medicine.
》High comfort
1. The pure sleeping pan is made of pure cotton, 3D cloth, high-quality engineering plastic stool bucket and food grade
The design of silicone urinal is similar to that of adult diapers, which is more convenient and suitable for long-term wear
2. The toilet bowl and urinal are in close contact with human skin only when in use, which effectively ensures the ventilation of users when wearing, does not harm the skin and reduces the occurrence of bedsore.
3. The special mattress adopts high-quality 3D material and environmental protection brown to effectively reduce the occurrence of bedsore for long-term bedridden people.
4. The stool and urinal have the functions of washing and drying respectively to ensure the cleanness and dryness of private parts.
》Humanized display
1. During use, it can turn over and move within a certain range.
2. A variety of parameters can be set within a reasonable range: water temperature, air temperature, flushing volume, pumping force, prompt volume, etc.
3. According to the user's situation, it can be operated automatically or manually.
4. When defecating, after the toilet senses the command, the user's buttocks are moderately opened in an "eight" shape to facilitate defecation and clean flushing.
》Intelligent optimization
1. It has an intelligent program for incontinence, which can better meet the needs of users.
2. It integrates automatic induction, automatic collection, automatic flushing and automatic drying.
3. It has the functions of voice, indicator light and Chinese prompt alarm for water shortage, full sewage bucket, sewage bucket not placed in place, etc.
4. It has the setting to avoid misoperation of keys and ensure the normal use of the equipment.
》First patented technology R & D
1. The world's first toilet is ventilated and leak proof, which is suitable for long-term wear and use.
2. The world's first - the unique auxiliary defecation and convenient cleaning function of the toilet.
3. Patented noise reduction technology, low noise, does not affect rest and life.
4. Patented deodorization technology, no odor in the room, more comfortable life.
》Partial detail display
1. Program protection key: the reset key and setting key should be pressed for 5 seconds to prevent misoperation.
2. Design of large capacity water tank: under normal circumstances, only add clean water and pour sewage once a day.
3. Remote control: wired remote control design, only 3 buttons, convenient for bedridden people who are not very awake.
4. Special mattress: it can cooperate with the nursing bed to realize the functions of back lifting, turning over, leg lifting, foot landing, etc..
5. Category of toilet: it can be divided into men's and women's, as well as large, medium and small, which can adapt to people of different shapes.
6. Independent warm air drying: ensure the drying effect.
》Special control function of fecal incontinence
In case of urinary incontinence or frequent urination, it can be adjusted to intermittent flushing (once every 6 hours),
Reduce the damage to the user's skin caused by repeated and frequent flushing; When fecal incontinence or frequency is frequent,
It can adjust and reduce the flushing water volume to effectively protect the user's skin.

Packing Size:
1250*650*550mm  65kg
1950*900*15mm  20kg

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