Oxygen concentrator is a machine, so we will inevitably have different degrees of damage or depreciation in the process of using our machine, so it is very important to repair or mai
Oxygen concentrators can provide a high concentration of oxygen in a short period of time and can provide the necessary supply of oxygen to people who need it. What functional needs
In real life, we often see paramedics entering and leaving hospitals carrying stretchers to and from consultation rooms for patients who are unable to move due to injuries, etc. and
Hospital beds are a type of nursing bed. Hospital beds are more powerful than the beds we use every day and can help patients or users relieve the pressure of physical or psychologic
Whether you are recovering from an injury, hospitalized, immobile or bedridden, you must make a big decision about a home hospital bed: should you rent or buy a hospital bed for home use?
Are you or a loved one looking to purchase a hospital bed to enhance their quality of life? A hospital bed can be a great addition to your home, helping someone with limited mobility
Whether you are buying a hospital bed for your loved one's home or for yourself, it is not an easy decision. The considerations you use when buying something can be very different th
From June.8th to June.10th, 2016, a big professional medical exhibition been held in Johannesburg--Africa Health!
From April.17th to April.20th, 2016, a big professional medical exhibition been held in Shanghai--CMEFJiangsu Aegean Technology Co.Ltd, with their professional and passionate young p
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