Gynecology Exam Table With Storage Drawer AG-S108
Gynecology Exam Table With Storage Drawer AG-S108
  • Gynecology Exam Table With Storage Drawer AG-S108

Gynecology Exam Table With Storage Drawer AG-S108

  • MOQ: 1 units
  • Supply Capability: 10 units / day
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Delivery: 15 days
  • Packaging: Plywood or package

The Gynecology Exam Table is designed to cater to gynecological, urological and proctological examinations. Your patients can lie down on any general examination table. If you lift the extended back section, your table becomes the perfect gynecological chair.

● This gynecology exam table is a multifunctional examination table, suitable for various examinations including gynecological examinations, with beautiful appearance, practical functions, and simple operation.

●The up and down of the backboard of This gynecology exam table is controlled by gas springs, and there is a paper scroll behind the back panel.

●The seat plate is also provided with tape for fixing the inspection paper, and the upturning function of the seat plate can be added according to the customer's requirements (optional).

● The legs, pedals, and dirt basins of this gynecology exam table are all hidden for saving space.

● Patients can get on and off the gynecology exam table with the help of the footstool, which is always hidden at the front of the gynecology exam table,

● This gynecology exam table has some large-capacity drawers, which can be used to place examination equipment, documents, etc. The decorative strips of the drawer panel can be changed to different colors to match the decoration tone of the examination room to achieve coordination and unity, and the rear drawer has a two-way axis pulling function (from the bed body can be pulled out on the left or right side).
● The mattress is seamless wrapped, which is easy to clean. Its detachable design also facilitates the replacement of mattresses of different colors, as well as deeper cleaning.

The Gynecology Exam Table offers convenience and durability for practitioners with features best suited for OB/GYN examinations. Ideal for OB/GYN offices, hospitals, and specialty clinics, These Tables are available in many different options to suit your needs. Contact us today.

Gynecology Exam Table Specification

ModelAG-S108 gynecology exam table
Bed size(without handrails)length 1400*width 720*height 880mm
Backrest upward angle0-70°
Foot-stool size500mm in length, 220mm in height
Foot-stool stroke450mm
Auxiliary table stroke420mm
Pedal stroke305mm
Foot pedal swing angle15°, 30°, 45°
Maximum loading capacity


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